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Corporate Social Communication

Today companies have to be active in Social Media (SM). Corporate Social Communication (CSC) is the set of communication strategies that a company employs in SM.

is developed as a new generation CSC model that ensures sustainability and high visibility through cost-effective marketing utilising SM.

  • can be tailored to suit the aims and the marketing strategy of the company
  • enables continuous communication with/in the market
  • makes a marketer out of every employee in the company
  • builds trust and brand name
  • develops short and long term roads to revenues
  • helps the company lead the market
  • improves the management of complaints and other customer related issues

is an iterative 5-step process

  1. Preparing the company for CSC
  2. Establishing the criteria for the creation and sending of content
  3. Letting employees get established in relevant SM platforms and learn how to touch target customers
  4. Measuring the effect in the market
  5. Adjustments in the process based on results
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