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Customised M&A Preparation

Mehmet U. Soyer provides custom-made consultancy to help you to prepare your company for the process that leads to the sale of your business. His advice is based on first-hand experience in marketing and sales of many SMEs (including 5 of his own) in a wide range of sectors.

Mr. Soyer’s M&A consultancy practice is built among others on the following principles:
Selected advice from Mr. Soyer’s Customised M&A Preparation:
  1. Understand how to position it in the market and how to introduce it to potential purchasers
  2. Declare that you still want a stake even if you want to sell the whole business
  3. Know the right time to tell your weaknesses and shortcomings
  4. Understand the need to get your company checked by experienced third parties before you start a process
  5. Determine your criteria for when to leave the negotiation table
  6. Undergo a due diligence only after agreeing on a value with the purchaser.

Please call 0090 - 0216-465 71 76 or write to [email protected] and arrange a Skype meeting appointment for an informative consultation.

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